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Happy New Years Eve- 5 tips for success


So here, we are, you have tidied around, you have the bottle of something in for tonight and you have your Massive Action Plan (MAP) ready for 2013. I thought I would take a few minutes time out here and just discuss some strategies that may help you over the next couple of weeks to achieve your goals and help you on your journey. All strategies I have personally used to help me achieve goals in the past and I hope they will help you to.

 I have listed the strategy in Capital Letters and then tried to explain why the strategy works.
PLANES SOMETIMES GO OFF COURSE – Our lives are like an aeroplane journey, as sometime you have to make slight adjustments to your planned route to get to your destination. Did you know that it’s estimated that once taking off a plane is approximately 80% off course throughout the flight. What happens is the pilot and autopilot make subtle little changes while in flight to ensure the plan arrives at the correct destination at the write time. – Accept that sometimes you have to make slight changes to your plan to help you get to your destination. What’s important is you recognised this and keep flying!

DO SOMETHING ANYTHING – Sometimes you will feel I cant to this.... or cant do that .... because..... This for me is the usual reason why I don’t go to the gym. It’s too cold this morning, my leg hurts ever so slightly, my gym stuff is not in arms reach. Unfortunately, when this type of thinking creeps in it paralyses us and the habit of NOT DOING forms.  WELL SNAP OUT OF IT – if you can’t do it all do something. Read one page instead of 7, write 2 reports instead of 12, spend 1 hour with your Mum instead of the promised 3 and Get out of bed and go to the bloody gym!

CLEAN THE DISHES AWAY- Once in a training session the trainer said, “Dirty Dishes in the Sink is a sign of a cluttered life. They remind you ever time you pass them it’s OK to have clutter in your life both physically and mentally, you are allowing obstacles to get in the way of what you want”. Now at the time I thought this was a lot of rubbish, however once I started to notice where clutter was forming in my life. 

Just by leaving stuff on the stairs, made it difficult to get up the stairs, seeing that draw with all the bits and bobs from yesteryear just depressed me (as Michel McIntye calls it THE MAN DRAW - FUNNY MAN DRAW VIDEO). Thats’s why I developed my desk cleaning idea that I do every Friday.  Keep things simple, clean and decluttered as you go along. Go on I dare you; wash the dishes for the next 30 days, clean out the man draw and declutter as you go along.

HAVE THINGS READY – In the Scouts and the Guides, they say “Be Prepared”. I would have to agree to achieve your goals you will need some things in place. I am not talking about great big plans, but you do need to have things in place ready. So for example with the gym idea, have two gym kits in the boot of your car ready, just in case you didn’t have time or forgot to pack them. If you want to loose weight, be prepared by making healthy meals for the next couple of days. Have the small things ready – You will find life is a little easier this way, believe me.  

DO 5 THINGS – This is a great little tip, which I have used for the past couple of years. Basically, every day I have five things that I get done each day, to get things done. This seems very simple but it’s very effective. It also gives you great satisfaction when you see a list of done things. I write about my time management system HERE 

REVIEW and CELEBRATE – This tip sadly is the one that many people don’t do and I believe is the number one reason why people don’t achieve what they want. You have to review regularly what you are doing and make changes to ensure you are getting what you want. Have a regular review with yourself and ask this question. Then celebrate what you have achieved ..... if you remember all those 12 days ago that’s what we did to start of this process.
Lastly best tip, the smallest little sentence with the biggest effect

JUST DO IT – enough said!

So have a wonderful New Years Eve and I will see you in 2013!

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