Friday, February 1, 2013

Absolutely Fabulous

Today as you know is the 1st of February and I thought I would start a bit of a theme for each month on my blog. I am currently working on a new project and thought this would be a nice way to test out some of my concepts, ideas and strategies for success.

So today I officially declare the month of February is Fabulous February.

This month lets focus on being FABULOUS!

So grab a piece of paper and write now for five minutes your definition of fabulous. Go on.....

Now write down what makes you FEEL FAB, getting up on a Sunday morning, having a little cheeky lay in and a cup of fresh brewed coffee. A crisp sunny February morning, your child s winning smile, your partners amorous glance or Mums apple pie.

Feeling Fab …. I bet you are.......

OK next fab step, ask yourself how you can make others feel fabulous, perhaps about themselves, the work they do or the contribution they make. Smile and Smile back, say thanks, well done, good job and perhaps give an amorous wink back!

Lastly, what 3 things could you do this month to make February even more fabulous. Write them down, commit to do them and take action. (By the way the best fab steps are often the small ones – your actions don’t have to be massive!).

So this month if some one asks you HOW ARE YOU – Your response has to be “I am fabulous, but more importantly how are you?)

Have a great month.....

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